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10 March
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My name is Sara.

I speak Arabic, English and on my way to learn Japanese.
I am a university graduate and am looking for a job right now, but its really not easy to find a job in here.

I live in a country (not Canada, I just didn't want to point to myself) were women still have no complete freedom(not only women, but its harder for us), you cant date, you cant just work anywhere (parents prefers that we work in an school or hospital), we can't even wear what we want when we are at home and you can never talk sex even if you are married!!

Yet I come to learn that I am a devotee!!
This is something I can never talk about here, if I do I'm not sure what might happen to me, I mean gays can get killed in here.

So I want to find people who I can relate to, I am not really good with internet staff but I will try to do all I can because it is something that I want and need.